Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not going to say it.....

....but it has been a while since I posted - I really have to get myself together!!!! Well it's probably going to happen this week as I'm housebound - no car... it kinda did a timing belt last night at the bottom of the mount street hill - at the lights - the busiest place in Burnie Augh!!! To top it off we were on our way to Yolanda (my niece) 13th birthday party and I had the older three kids in the back all dressed up in Halloween costumes...

Kahli the Witch

William the Grim Reaper


Aleks the Wizard

We were stuck there almost an hour before help in the form of my father and Andrew (my brother in law) arrived.... then 15 minutes later my best friend arrived with her big white shiny tarago to whisk myself and the kids to safety LOL Sooo a Timing belt is apparently what you need to start the car properly - when you turn the ignition it is what helps spark the car to life... We could turn her over but it just wouldn't "catch" soooo frustrating; fuel - check, battery power - check, oil - check, nice and cool - check; the damn thing just would not start - auuugggghhhhhh Anyhoos As tomorrow is a public holiday it will be at least Tuesday before we can get the car into a mechanic (if there is a spot!!) and then hopefully they have a belt there - if not we could be in for a wait to get the part **sigh**

So to sum it up - Happy 13th Yolanda :) Her birthday was actually back in September but saying it again to make sure she heard hahaha. Kids were happy and Dom was changed into his bee outfit (he won the romper - and a matching bib - from Noo Designs ) so we had 4 little kiddies all dressed up :)

Dommy the Bee

I got lots of photo's and there was lots of food. The kids played basket ball with Matt (my cousin) Mark (Nardia - my sister- husband) and Adam (my brother) and at one stage Nathan and Aleks played basket ball with Dommy - It was hard to tell if they were working on getting the ball through the hoop at times or Little Dom LOL So a good time was had by all - even though we were 1.5 hours late LOL And now it's a case of wait and see with the car... It had to be towed off the highway to home (thankyou mr RACT man :)) Guess now it'll be a chance to get some housework one with no "I'm not home" excuses **sigh** ahh the joy - NOT!!! LOL

Okies - PICCIES!!!!

Bee-ootiful :)

Bee Happy :)

Bee Gentle :)

My Dark and Mysterious Grim Reaper :)

My Auburn Haired Witchy Poo :)

My Studious and Clever Wizard :)

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