Saturday, April 23, 2011

You want to give me a label?? Then go ahead - make my day :)

Things are certainly starting to get serious here, I've been working on our budgets and semi-freaked when I realised Nathan gets 3 more paydays before Aerynns due and I have 7 now - eeeekkk!!! That makes the time between now and meeting our littlest girl seem sooooo small - it's racing up on us!!!! And to be honest the tingles of excitement have returned and I'm so looking forward to meeting our squirmy little kicker :)

I'm feeling very reassured now that I've had an opportunity to take with several like minded people about the prospects on how we will be welcoming Aerynn into our family and the situation with hospitals, interventions and transfers here in this part of the state. When you live in big cities or are familiar with a certain area's processes and protocols it would be so easy to sit back and feel confident that you know what to do and that your point of view is right; but we're not familiar with anything around here, it is all foreign to us and the more that we look into things the more alarmed we were becoming at the prospects put before us. Especially in light of the lack of interest in our past experiences etc... This is something that I've never come across before, and is extremely concerning to be treated like a number and brushed aside because you're not known by anyone.

But now, I've had a whole world of options open up to me and it's stirred previous memories and dreams that I had repressed because it wasn't possible in Tasmania. I've re-discovered what made me so passionate about having a family, getting back to the roots of everything that I am. I remembered where and why I became interested in alternatives to modern medicine and common social practices...

These are things that helped us get through difficult times when no one knew what they were dealing with when William was sick, they were avenues I had investigated when I was given the ultimatum at 17 years olf to get pregnant in 3 months or have a hysterectomy - they are things that gave me a reason to continue fighting, questioning etc etc... Things that apparently gave me a 'label' of not running with the social norms...

So what am I re-discovering? Mostly that I'm NOT alone. I'm not the only one who has come up against the obstacles we have been confronted with. I am discovering that there are people out there who are just as passionate about the same things that I am, the things that I was mocked for and made others consider me 'weird' back when I was a late teen... I never identified myself as a hippy etc, but to look into the evolution of medicine and how things were done before we had magical 'gods' in society called doctors is really amazing!

So why shouldn't we start to question things more? Why do we put blind faith in scientists and modern discoveries? How many times do we hear of product recalls, drugs that have been taken off the market all because things aren't what they were originally thought they were to be? Why is it just the 'done thing' that we follow all these new developments like sheep, partake in them blindly trusting that things will be ok because we were told they would be? Since when did it become the norm to let other people take responsibility of our lives? I mean, we put a drug into our body and we develop a nasty side effect in time, who should take responsibility? The person who manufactured the drug or the blind sheep who put it in their body blindly trusting the manufacturers recommendations?

And a lot of people now days are unknowingly returning to those older treatments and processes without realising what they are doing - think day-spas with their aromatherapy, mud, heat and water treatments, then there's those super expensive and exclusive retreats with massage, meditation, whole foods... And what about the wheat-grass drinks, detox, cleansing diets with all the extra natural elements being introduced?? I mean not even going that far, how about household products that are now incorporating natural cleansers, aroma's, natural colourings etc So many things are starting to turn their back on so called modern 'advancements' and returning to a place less chemical, more natural...

I guess this ramble that I'm typing as it comes into my head is simply asking when did we stop taking responsibility of our own decisions and blindly do what society or the people who society looks up to tell us to do? When does personal responsibility start??

I could be labeled weird, or alternative... people might shake their heads and wonder what I'm thinking; but at least I know that I am taking responsibility for my own path in life. It is there because it is my decision to go down that path, not because it is the done thing or it's what everyone else does. I'm doing and planning my future because I am confident that I have researched options, outcomes and can stand by my decision... how many others can honestly say that? If that makes me weird, alternative, hippy etc then so be it! I will proudly wear that label if you want to pin it on my chest - because for me that label translates that I've broken away from the flock, I'm no longer acting blindly like a sheep and that I've taken responsibility for myself and my path in life... I wonder how many out there can truly pin that label upon themselves???
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