Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet Aerynn

With everything that has happened this past month I neglected to finish this post regarding our morph scan!!! the best news is that everything is looking AOK :) and we've had confirmation (if you've not guessed by now) that we have a little baby girl on board :) We WILL still be having a 28/30 week 3d scan to confirm this so we can be prepared if the first results were wrong and we need a minor op organised - BUT it was pretty obvious in the end that there was 3 lines (there's explanation on lines, turtles etc HERE - warning it does have photo's of external genitalia!!!), no sign of male genitalia... still, I've heard "it's going to be a girl" before and let me just say that William somehow is not a girl LOL

Now our little princess was not as co-operative as she could have been, she refused to give us a profile shot but she did look straight down the transducer so we have a full face image, which isn't as pretty as a profile, but she has huge eyes in it ROFL

So I think most people who know us also know that we name our babies with lots of thought and meaning. Baby's full name will be...

Aerynn Paige Nalani

The meaning of which is special to us. Aerynn is an old Irish name and spelling variation meaning Hope. It's funny but I always felt there was another little girl waiting to join our family and with the losses we've experienced all we could do was hop that one day she would be strong enough to hand in there and join us - and she is!!!! We love a lot of Irish things, their music, the country etc - we had an Irish themed wedding! So it seemed to fit that we chose a name ans spelling that pertains back to this. Paige we believe sounds beautiful when teamed with Aerynn (pronounced like Erin in case you were wondering) and Nalani is a Hawaiian name meaning Heaven. We were originally going to have Neveah, however there's been a LOT of negative connotations with that name and we don't want to have any thing negative fed back on our little girl. So why a name that means or has something to do with heaven? It's simple. we've 8 little ones in heaven watching over us, and to us the fact that Aerynn is still with us is a miracle from Heaven. It's in honour of Aerynn herself, her angel siblings, our journey to be here It in a way is a reminder that all our children are little bits of heaven placed in our arms for us to love for as long as we are blessed to have them :)

So the important thing for us is that she is looking perfect :) There are no soft markers for Downs Syndrome or any other trisomy disorders, her ankles and feet at the moment are looking straight - which means there is no indication of club foot, but her feet will be monitored to ensure that metatarsus adductus does not become an issue with her. At the moment her hips and legs can't be fully evaluated but there's no obvious dislocation - she will have an ultrasound to check on the angle of her hip sockets and the ball joint a few weeks after birth, and at the moment there is no need to book the 'little op' as she does not have the appendage that will cause that problem LOL She has a great looking heart, no sign of any backflow, 2 shadows which will become more obviously kidneys as she gets bigger and a nice round stomach ready for filling with all kinds of yummyness!!! Her spine is complete, straight and looking good - and her measurements are all showing she is growing at a great rate, just under the 50th%ile and no signs of being a big bubba - just like her siblings were :)

So, a great result all around!!! We're finishing our family with a gorgeous little princess and we couldn't be more happier with the results of the scan!! Only 4 weeks until our 3d scan now which will confirm that our little princess is a little girl, and not a prince in disguise LOL And it will also check on her growth and we should have some cute pics of her cherub cheeks and some idea on who's side of the family she might take after... It's a shame we can't see what colouring she'll have... I wonder if we're getting another redhead or a blond headed bubba?? Or even a brunette??? Even though we have a lot of information about her before she arrives there is still a whole world of things to discover about our little one :)
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