Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Never Wanted It To Be Like This...

But it's almost feels like I'm being forced in this direction. Due to life circumstances I've always been very opinionated when it comes to female reproductive health - to the point of directing my studies and career path towards medicine with the view of specialising in gynaecology and obstetrics. Now, I feel like I'm on the verge of becoming a women's rights activist - not that I want to be, but simply in the act of standing up for myself, researching options and finding out more and more I can't help but feel very passionate about the fact that women's rights are being deteriorated and things that are as natural as childbirth are becoming more and more institutionalised and proceduralised...

Anyways, It seems that even labouring in water is considered 'dangerous' here in this state! unless you are of 'low risk'!! I have fought each and every negative point that has been thrown against me and more and more seem to be all but made up in an effort to make me buckle and bow to the system! Now I'm being told because I've had miscarriages I've a higher risk of a PPH - No supporting documentation, I just have to take the good doctor's word.

It really is getting to the point of ridiculous!

Every time I ask for proof, documentation etc etc I get the same time honoured spiel "research and studies" So where is this research and studies? Why when I ask for further information can it not be provided. Why? I can provide plenty to support myself. Why, then, if I have to bow to the powers to be do they not need to provide me with their evidence, with this research they use to back themselves up with??

I'm an educated woman. I know right from wrong. I will NOT put myself or my baby or ANY of my children at risk. Yet I'm just expected to sit down, shut up and do what I'm being told when every fibre of my being is screaming that it's not right in my situation. It's too risky to comply with their wishes... All too often I've seen with my own two eyes that modern medicine does NOT have all the answers. They make so many mistakes that are covered up, they are so often wrong... Why should I continue to put my trust in a system I have seen fail so many, hurt so many - temporarily as well as permanently?? Why? Why should I trust that, they have given me NOTHING to trust other than the phrase "research and studies"

Well this educated woman is going to fight for what is right for her. This educated woman knows that where there's smoke there is fire. This educated woman is NOT going to become another "yes man" for the system. This educated woman is taking control of her life, taking control of her family and taking back the rights that so many women have lost in today's society.
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