Monday, May 30, 2011

There Comes a Time In Life...

Where you know that enough is enough. When no matter what you do you will never be what others want you to be and that you will never meet with their approval - and that time for me has been reached this last 24 hours.

I knew there was friction, I knew I wasn't liked, I knew that despite my best efforts that there was nothing I could do that would break the ice and allow any decent relationship between certain family members and myself. I know I've done nothing wrong, other than be myself, work hard at keeping my family together, safe and happy... I know that I've bent over backwards, ignored the snide comments, the rolling eyes the lies and twisted truths that were being spread around.... But the time has come where I can ignore all that no longer.

The time has come to start pruning our family tree for the health of our family... Our children do not need to be exposed to the diseased branches that want to do nothing other than cause us pain... pain that my children are now picking up on and it's not fair to them - they've done nothing to deserve this!

When one makes a light hearted joke about something that was said that is then twisted into lies and insults by those who live in their ivory towers it's time to call it a day and realise that if they wish to carry on like that they can, it's not for me to fight this battle any longer.... 14 years of fighting is enough, I should have come to this realisation earlier but for the sake of keeping communication open and in the hope that one day a relationship could be built I persisted - I guess my patience does have a limit after all!!!

So from here on in the branches are trimmed. There will always be avenue for regrowth if there is a level of maturity shown, but until then I guess we stand alone, tall and proud that we know we've done out utmost to make things work... sometimes you just need to get out the saw and weedkiller for the sake of general maintenance!!
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