Friday, August 2, 2013

Daily Drudge

Oh the joys of running a household.  But I do have to admit it has become a little easier since we bit the bullet and purchased a thermomix - Bernie has pride of place in the kitchen and has been made earn his keep every day since he came through the doors 2.5 weeks ago ;) 

With Aerynn so sick these last 3 weeks I've not menu planned or done a decent grocery shop so we've been relying on Bernie getting us out of a hole and using what we have in the house to get through - and he has done magnificently! But I do need to get organised now...  so menu planing Monday will be coming back.  I shop on Thursdays, but menu plan on Monday so I can get organised and know ahead of time what I'm doing in case a chance to get into town earlier in the week presents itself and I can kill two birds with the same stone and reduce trips into the Mt.

Menu Plan Aug 2 - Aug 7

Fri: Stuffed chicken fillets with garlic sauce and steamed veg
Sat: Soup (from freezer supplies) Fresh bread rolls
Sun: Roast Pork with fresh veg and apple sauce
Mon: Quiche and steamed veg
Tues: Lamb Sausages with potato bake
Wed: Meatloaf and steamed veg + mashed potato

So plan done, recipes sourced and shopping list written up :)

Back to the daily drudge now, Toby is waking and wanting a feed, Aerynn has just jumped out of a bath and needs drying and dressing and Dommy as per usual is running around naked.  Kahli and William will be walking through the door any minute from school and Nathan is in town waiting for Aleks to finish school and then they'll toddle off and do the shopping I just texted through to Nathan... Hopefully the well oiled ship is running smoothly tonight so there are no hiccups with my plans ;)

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