Friday, August 16, 2013

Birthdays and Tantrums

Our beautiful Miss Aerynn has turned 2 years old.  She is such a complete delight, if not a challenge.  As if on cue the "terrible twos" have arrived. We now have an extremely independent little miss who will talk the leg off a chair and I swear pick up and throw it at you if you don't agree or do her bidding when she demands it ;)

Aerynn's life so far has been a huge challenge.  We have spent most of it working through her health issues and sadly we are no closer to answers despite numerous specialist teams, hospital admissions and doctor visits, but we will never give up.  Our little one is "little" in all terms of the word.  We have been advised she most certainly is a person of short stature and she will continue to grow at her own pace.  Maintaining her quality of life and ensuring she is as reaction and health issue free is our main priority now as we look to giving her the best future possible :) 

Here's for a long and healthy future ahead.  Minimal issues and one beautiful little girl continuing to sparkle and shine in her own way
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