Thursday, August 1, 2013

Breathing Life Back Into The Beast

I've been so slack with blogging and recording the mundane that is our lives this past year and a bit  I know we've been super busy but I also know that in a few years time I wont have a record of these times and that saddens me.  Only as I've been looking back over the past 10 years that I have been blogging and realising I've captured so much that I'd forgotten.  I don't want our lives to dissolve into nothingness should anything happen to us.  I want my children to have something to look back on and be able to see that life was good, we may appear to be dysfunctional and nuts but we are happy and have achieved so much in life.  So, here I am..  going to revive this old blog and start documenting the challenges, happy time and difficult times (although hopefully not many of the latter)

So, a quick re-introduction and where we are today...

I'm going to be rude and start with me, Katrina.  Mum to 6 beautiful kidlets who's main objective is to send me grey (honestly I swear!!!)  I'm currently on maternity leave from my one day (hopefully) super busy photography business (yeah, yeah, a gal can dream) Katami Photography.  Hubby is Nathan.  He's going greyer much faster than me (so happy I have something to tease him about hehehe) We're both Tassie born and raised and trying to find our feet whilst raising our family now in regional South Australia.  We moved over here 3 years ago when huby was offered a management trainee-ship position with his current employer.  It's been a tough time, lots of growing pains but I think we're much stronger for the move and despite the negatives it has been a positive move for us :)

and our kidlets...

Aleksandir.  Aleks is our 15 year old going on 42 ;)  He's a wise old man at times in a teenage body.  Loves mathematics, computers and if anyone plays World of Warcraft he's looking for new members for his horde guild. I believe he is currently playing on Saurfang - may be rather wrong there though, Hubby and I play on Saurfang so may be getting beyond ourselves to think it's cool for teens to play on the same realm as their old decrepit parents :P

Kahli is our big princess (oh she will hate me for that bwahahahaha) she is 13 going on 24... seriously!  Teenage girls - something I wasn't really prepared for and probably the main reason for the grey hair I am trying hard to ignore sprouting on a daily basis :/  Kahli has just joined Scouts and is fresh back from her first campout.  She is loving high school and especially the opportunity to express herself in creative writing.  She certainly likes to keep us on our toes but despite the challenges she likes to throw our way we do love her (she'll hate me saying that too!!) and are waiting for the day the firestorm settles into a toasty welcoming fire :)

William is now 12 years old... my how time flies!!!  Our Mr Popularity is loving sports at the moment.  When he's not kicking a footy around or riding his bike up to the swamp looking for the elusive yabbies he is laying on his bed playing minecraft on his iPod.  Wil is cheeky and mischevious and I think will be our little rebel...  I might be wrong, but the potential is there... 

Domenik, our little man about the house is about to celebrate turning 5 in a couple of months time!!  I remember him being so tiny and charming getting his casts put on his legs for correction of his metatarsus adductus!  Dommy certainly is a little character.  He only has one volume (LOUD) and once speed (SUPER FAST - his term)  Dommy is in his last term of kindy and will be starting reception (SA equivalent of prep) at the beginning of next term!  Oh my - our little school boy!!!  Dommy's favourite thing at the moment (other than toast with butter & jam oh, and icecream) is minecraft as well...  Since he is sharing a room with William I blame William for that LOL  He apparently can hold his own with the big boys building maps apparently - I've been advised that's a very prestigious thing...  I'm so out of touch with modern games lol

Our littlest Princess Aerynn is only a week away from turning 2 years old!  And boy have those two years been a journey!  Aerynn is still very tiny for her age and we have been told she most certainly will be a Little Person, but not to expect a confirmed diagnosis of what form of dwarfism she may have.  I've been trying to keep up with documenting Aerynns journey on her blog HERE.  She is a real little delight to have around.  Full of hugs, kisses and conversation - yup, both our girls are chatter boxes!  Aerynn is currently recovering from a viral illness which has left her extremely flat, so I'm trying to update blogs and the likes around her needs at the moment.  Having a dodgy immune system meant that she had 2 weeks with really high temps and listlessness from a bug most people would shake off in a few days.  She's still up and down but we can see big improvements over the past few days :) 

And last but certainly not least...

Our little Toby is now 18 weeks old.  He's no longer a little newborn and is already on the move!!  Rolling and doing butt scoots in 360*s all over the living room floor.  He's a little smoocher, always has something to say and has the most divine molten chocolate brown eyes you can just drown in - or that could just be me and the hormones taking over ;) Other than some reflux and a bad upper lip tie Toby is perfect - I'm not biased at all :P  much hehehe

So that is our skin family quick update.  We also have a feathered, furred and haired family.  Feathered are our chickens, furred are our two cats (Portia and Kahli's cat Lacy) and for the moment we have mums 60th birthday present (a 9 months old ragdoll kitty) boarding with us, he's having a small holiday on his journey over to Tasmania.  "haired" is Williams rat Ozzy and we have 2 cows (Scotch and Rump) on adjistment at a friends property - they're not so much pets though but food.  Yes, living in the country is the perfect oportunity to teach the children about the circle of life and where food comes from.  Speaking of which we have 2 wooly members too... 2 lambs (Blinky and Bill - thusly named by Dommy) that we are currently still bottle feeding.. they're rather spoiled and should already be weaned but I'm a sucker for them bleating for their bottles and need to develop a thicker skin...  **Sigh**  one day I'll get tough ;) 

So that's it for now.. a quick update...  I'm determined to get back on track with recording things here, building our lived in words and photographs so no matter how small we feel we are we will always have a place in this world and will never be forgotten - be that good or bad mwahahahhaa

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