Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Chipmunk Effect

I think most people have suffered from this at one time in their life. It's the puffy cheek syndrome that happens when you've been blowing up balloons for too long; or when you've been blowing up balloons by mouth that should have been blows up by pump. My case today is from the latter...

Yesterday afternoon Dommy came running to me saying "b'loo, b'loo" (interpretation - "balloon, balloon") Domenik loves anything round that can be thrown, kicked, hit, slobbered on or just anytghing round ROFL He's a true boy and Ball has to be one of his favourite words!! I'm expecting him to turn to me one day when down the street and a guy walks past with a shiny round head and him to point to said shiny head and yell "ball" - just to embarrass his mummy of course ROFL

Anyhoos, he brings me these pieces of rubber - they were left overs from Kahli's party. So what's wrong with that I can hear you ask - why would blowing up 1-2 balloons leave me with Chipmunk Syndrome? Simply because they are the ones that are designed to be formed into shapes!!! These pieces of rubber are just long strips of torture if you don't have a pump to blow them up with!!! I couldn't get them blown up - I tried, I blew, I stretched, I puffed - I even tried to hide them and replace with normal balloons (which hide in my wardrobe for such emergencies) but Dommy wasn't fooled - he wanted these long skinny rubber torture things come hell or high water!!!

nope, I couldn't even get this far for him!!!

I think I spent close to 30 minutes working on these things before he spotted something else that took his attention - yep it was a ball!!! Augh!!! I really felt it last night in my cheeks... Everytime I smiles I really felt like wincing "ouch"! I felt my cheeks had done a full on workout just by bowing up balloons!!! As my friend Vicki said, if they worked on the whole body we would do it all the time, but nopes, they worked only my cheek muscles :(

And still this morning I have that "cheeks stuffed with cotton wool" feeling. I walk past a mirror and have a quick glance and expect to see huge puffy round balls sticking out the side of my face, but nope, they still look normal - but boy they don't feel it!!! It's kinda like a numb feeling that when you smile turns into a red hot burning sensation augh! So whilst you're there smiling and laughing at my chipmunk syndrome know that I'm here, not able to crack a smile even at myself - but tomorrow - that's another day... I'll be scouring everyone's blogs looking for stuff to laugh at because from previous experiences my chipmunk syndrome should be healed by then... well, that's until Dommy finds another balloon like these!!! I'll never learn and can't resist his huge pleading brown eyes - such a sucker!! LOL

C'mon, who can resist this tear stained,
dirt encrusted gorgeous little face.....

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