Monday, June 6, 2011

the Good Life :)

Ahhh yeps, smell the fresh air, feel the chill in your fingers, feel the rain on your face, smell the cow dung over the fence.... Whaat?!?!!

Yeps, you heard me right, cow dung... Well over the fence at the kids school that is LOL The Upper Primary class have adopted 2 calves for 6 weeks while they do a "cows are careers" (or something similar to that!!!) course in their class. Aleks being School Captain has had a prominant role in caring for one of the calves (Crumble) and Kahli has had a turn with them as well :) Last weekend we had the pleasure of being the rostered Sunday Morning Feed family... So we rolled out of beds at 7am **yawn** and went off to the school to make sure the calves were being fed by their 8am **yawn, yawn** feedtime....

It was chilly, but the sun was out, there was no rain last weekend (but yesterday when Aleks and Nathan went out to do the evening feed there was - bahaha I got to stay home in front of the fire hehehhhee) and yes, there was a pong LOL Cows babies are like human babies and poop wherever and whenever the urge takes them... lovely ;)

Of course I couldn;t let a photo opportunity go to waste.. so I've documented the mornings feed so the kids can remember one day that they did feed calves, they have had a taste of the realities of living in the country ;)

Mixing the Artificial Feed

Filling the milk bottles - quite literally BTW ;) 2 litre ones each!!!

Ahhh feed time!!!!

Even William had a go!!!

Dom meet Brandy

Brandy "kiss" Dom hehehe
Dommy ran away saying "cows 'ick" after that...
we're not sure if it was meant to be 'lick' or really 'ick LOL

Even Nathan had a tough time evading Brandy's long and slobbery tongue!!!
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