Friday, January 7, 2011

My Little Poser

I just have a quick share...

Whilst I've been doing my photo-a-day project little Dom has been my shadow - he ADORES the camera!!! He's soooo not shy and his antics are simply adorable (well of course he's my Dommy boy hehehe)

When I did a photo of Aleksandir on day 3, Dommy was there literally pushing Aleks out of the view of the camera - seriously - huge shoves so he could take centre stage. I tried to get him to pose with Aleks - but no.. he wanted the limelight to himself.

Ok I thought - he was just being too cute and it's a one off, just a good day for him to be cheeky...

Then yesterday - I took William out the front to get a photo.. Dommy did the same thing!!! huge shoves to push William away from the camera - and then when Wil moved Dom would hunker down, pose himself (tilted head and all) and pull out a cheesy super sweet smile!!!! Oh it was too funny!!!! William decided he wanted to pose around the silver birch we have in the front yard - Once he had finished mucking around posing etc little Dommy came up behind him and started posing himself - Oh seriously - he was too cute (albeit with a super grotty saucy face left over from dinner!!!), anyone would think he was a professional model, when he heard the camera click he'd re-position himself slightly and strike a pose again!!!

Domenik the Model

Now I wonder if he's going to do the same today when I take Kahli out to get some shots of her.... Guess time will tell... but by going on previous experience Model Dommy will be striking poses all over again :)

He really does know how to grab the attention and make us all laugh :)
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