Sunday, September 11, 2011

My (not so) Little Family :)

Aerynn is 5 weeks old tomorrow... Where has the time gone?!?!?! In that time she has wrapped everyone around her little fingers :) She is a real delight! We've had smiles already and she has the most amazing head control already!! She surpassed the 3kilo mark last week which was a great day as it also meant she had reached her birth weight again - there was a little concern about her being slow to gain, but hopefully that is behind us now. Then this week she came down with a good old dose of gastro :( We got through 3 days of upset tummy's and 2 days later here she is down with a cold :( It's been a tough week, but she's still smiling in-between temperature spikes and the tears, I think we have a little fighter on our hands here :)

Yesterday I FINALLY got myself organised and had a 10 minute window in which to snap some photo's of all the kids together! I keep kicking myself that we don't have any from when Aerynn was firstborn though :( I do have individual ones of the kids with her, but not a group photo. I also still have to get hand and foot prints. It's something I've meant to do with ALL 5 of ours children but still yet to get any!!! I know totally slack :( I WILL rectify that with Aerynn though... one of them will have some prints at least!!!

So for these photo's... They're not the sharpest in focus, Dommy needed bribing with a biscuit which he happily crumbed all over everyone LOL and Aleks was in a "funny" mood and kept pulling faces (so did William to a lesser extent Augh - boys!!!) but here they are, My Little Tassie Terrors + 1 South Australian Beauty <3 <3 <3

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