Tuesday, September 20, 2011

6 Weeks...

It's been 6 weeks since our littelest princess came into the world :) And she's been a pure and utter delight each and every day of her short life so far :) She has wrapped everyone around her little finger and weaved a spell of blissful harmony over the household...

6 weeks old

So what should I do to help commemorate this special age where our little one moves on from being known as a newborn and becomes our very special infant?? Take photo's of course!!! Well the pics were taken approximately 12 hours before she technically 'turned' 6 weeks old, but close enough... she didn't change any in that time ;)

Safe in Daddy's Hands

She is still sooo perfectly tiny!! I have only just packed up her 00000 clothes and moved her exclusively into 0000 - even though most of them are still a little bit too big...

Don't Let Me Go Daddy

Birth ~ Weight: 2890g
~ Length: 48cm
~ Head Circ: 33.5cm

6 Weeks ~ Weight 3500g
~ Length: 51cm
~ Head Circ: ***

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