Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Decision Made....

I'm going to start portfolio building. Apparently my photography work is different to what is being offered at the moment, which means people may just want it - well that's the word from some professionals around here!!!

So at the moment I've put a post on my facebook asking if anyone wants pics to yell - there's been a decent response which is kind of daunting now, I hope I don't disappoint anyone now... I oput pressure on myself, I know that - but without pressure performance isn't the best - isn't that right?? Don't you need pressure to perform at your best?? Or do I fool myself into that - anyways... I have to work out times and what I'm doing with the next few weekend and see if I can get some local shoots done whilst the weather is good :)

I don't know, I'm still reeling a bit from the negative feedback from last week.. but I've also had a lot of supportive emails and messages from friends and strangers telling me to keep at it and keep going... So I guess I'll jump on this train and see where the ride takes me :)


Off to revive Katami Photography ;)

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