Thursday, July 5, 2012

Short and Sweet...

Who said life was going to be smooth and simple?  I've not posted here much but that's likely to change as I start to possibly need to debrief over life a little.  The fact is our littlest princess has been formally diagnosed with FPIES and being investigated for Russell-Silver Syndrome (a form of dwarfism)  I have a seperate blog set up to record her journey, it was meant to be only about her FPIES journey, but in light of recent suspicions etc it is looking like it should be about her journey full stop!!! 

Anyways...  just touching base...  The other kidlets are doing well, growing like weeds and generally pretty good kids (can't complain too much LOL)  for now we're holding together...  The next couple of months during Aerynns investigations and diagnosis may be a little rocky, but it's better to know for certain than to continue to wonder.... 

The kidlets
July 4, 2012

Oh and a side note - the kidlets saw their first ever wild koala today!!!!  Koala's aren't wild in Tasmania so it was a HUGE buzz for us all!!!

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